Each space has its own predefined specifics, which are important to pay close attention to during the study and project. When designing a sound system, we focus primarily on the correct reverberation time and the environment in which it is installed. We will prepare an acoustic study for you, which addresses spatial acoustics in terms of designing suitable acoustic materials, including their placement in the space and calculating the reverberation time according to acoustic standards.


Why acoustic panels?
The latest interior design sometimes neglects or even completely suppresses the primary function of workspaces, which are intended for collaboration and, in modern companies, communication with remote participants.

Clear and distinct communication

Collaboration in companies requires not only the involvement of participants, but also an environment that creates comfortable and undisturbed bays for individual work or dynamic, creative spaces for group meetings. As part of the project documentation, we not only design suitable audiovisual solutions, but also place emphasis on the overall acoustic environment in meeting rooms of various sizes, informal zones or non-standard office spaces

Engaged and focused learner = Satisfied and relaxed teacher

In schools, the situation is different. If we look at kindergarten and primary school environments and recall from our school years the noise that poured out of classrooms, corridors, canteens during breaks. In this case, we need to focus on so-called noise hygiene and the optimal functioning of the human organism. In this case, teaching will be much more pleasant not only for teachers but also for pupils. Teachers are more relaxed and pupils more engaged thanks to properly designed acoustics.

Lectures without echo

Today's university environment gives students the facilities and space to use the latest technology, whether in lectures or to practice applying acquired knowledge and skills in practice. Regardless of the specialisation, whether technical, economic, medical or pedagogical, mastery of ICT technologies is a prerequisite for the quality preparation of a student for his/her specialisation in the field and thus for future employment. During lectures, students appreciate not only the image, but especially the sound, which, thanks to a suitable acoustic solution, they can perceive clearly and distinctly, without echoes and disturbances from the surroundings.

Variability requires compromise

Multifunctional halls need a certain compromise. Their variable layout and use requires the search for the best acoustic spatial solution that allows the halls to be used not only for lectures, but also for dance classes, concerts, theatre performances, talks and other sound-related activities.

Elimination of noise from the surroundings

Cinemas with multichannel sound surrounding the audience on all sides have interesting specifics. In order to make the film experience as authentic as possible and to keep the audience in their seats, it is important to keep the reverberation time as short as possible. Then the viewer can best enjoy the tyrannosaurus running past or the supersonic aircraft flying overhead.

We offer you a comprehensive turnkey acoustics solution: