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Welcome to SIMU! The Supermodern Simulation Centre of Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine.

SIMU is the most modern simulation centre in Central Europe. It is equipped similarly to a real hospital. On the ground floor of the building there is an emergency room with a fully equipped ambulance. A sleeper lift takes you to the hospital floor, which has operating theatres, intensive care units, standard rooms and rooms for teaching virtual 3D simulations. A heliport is located on the roof of the building. SIMU is equipped with real medical equipment, simulators, teaching models and simulators.

SIMU offers a wide range of simulators, from teaching models, simple simulators to low and high fidelity simulators. The list is really rich, in SIMU you can find for example advanced pediatric and adult patient simulators, geriatric nursing model, pregnant woman or newborn simulator, incubator, artificial lung ventilation simulator, CPR simulators or ultrasound simulator. SIMU also houses 70 advanced simulators for teaching dentistry.

A five-story building with a training hospital filled with medical and simulation equipment is accompanied by one of the broadest and best-trained teams in its field. It is under his guidance that students get right into the action, experiencing what they would otherwise only experience after several years of study or in medical practice. Interested in a career at SIMU? Drop us a line and make an appointment. Working at SIMU is a challenge worth taking on!

SIMU provides a completely new perspective on teaching. It adds a unique aspect to the curricula by mastering individual techniques and procedures on simulators. Professional skills are extremely important in health care, but only in combination with proper communication do they shape a comprehensive and quality physician for future practice. Thoughtful scenarios of simulated situations allow you to practice everything from dealing with patients to working as part of a team.


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