Clara's press - a true story of tears, happiness and wine

A powerful and emotional story that will leave you breathless from the first minute. The Museum of the Lesser Carpathians is unique in that it boasts the largest collection of wine presses in Europe. The new exhibition is located in the 17th century premises and aims to appeal to and enthuse visitors and acquaint them not only with the tradition of winemaking, but above all with the life story of the winemaker Josef Janac (the role was perfectly played by the Slovak actor Marko Igonda), who managed to face adversity and found his fortune. His daughter Klárka and the carpenter Leonard Dobšovič, who made a unique press for him, helped him on this journey.

At the beginning of our cooperation with the Malocarpathian Museum, we asked ourselves the question, how to introduce visitors to the largest European collection of wine presses in an engaging way? And since each exhibit has a long "life" stage behind it, which brings with it stories, we knew that the story would be the basis for the revival of the Klárin press exhibition. Slovak actor Marek Igonda's spectacular portrayal of Josef Janáček's life story is central to the exhibition. The story and the performance of Marek Igonda is complemented by a spectacular life-size audiovisual projection. The atmosphere of the space is completed by the lighting design of the exhibition space and small details such as the lantern, which reacts to the story being told.

We are glad to have been present at this unique museum venture, which can rightly rank among Europe's elite.

The opening ceremony of the new exhibition took place on 20 March 2023 in the Small Carpathian Museum in Pezinok (MMP), which is under the jurisdiction of the Bratislava Self-Governing Region (BSK).

"What we have so far experienced in London or New York, you will find in Pezinok. The Museum of the Small Carpathian County is modern, multimedia, sound attractive and you can touch the exhibits. It is certainly not the classic museum we know. It is dedicated to winemaking and winemaking of our region and you will definitely not be bored in it, because the exposition will take your breath away," explained the chairman of the BSK Juraj Droba.

"We are trying to show in this form of presentation that a modern exhibition can be a real theatre of history and an experience that visitors will love to talk about. The multimedia technologies used show that behind every exhibited object there are specific people and their fates. We are thus getting to know our past and presenting it in a new but still authentic way," said Martin Hrubala, director of the MMP.

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Martin Hrubala

Director of the Small Carpathian Museum
In the words of Martin Hrubala, director of the Malocarpathian Museum, the museum is trying to show in this way that a modern exhibition can be a real experience and a picture of history that will captivate visitors. The audiovisual solution helps to bring to life the exhibits on display, which are inherently linked to specific people and their fates. In this way, we can learn about our past and present it in a new but still authentic way.

The design of the exhibition was created in cooperation with the PLASS studio

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