Czech National Bank Visitor Centre with resolution.

An interactive and educational exhibition that will guide you through the world of money and economics

The new exhibition is called Behind the Currency, and as the name suggests, you will learn about the Czech currency and everything that is behind it and what preceded it. In the new visitor centre, you will learn in a fun and interactive way what the Czech National Bank is doing to achieve price and financial stability in our country and ensure the smooth flow of money. You will discover who, why and how they decide on the settings and instruments of monetary policy, financial stability or financial market supervision.

The Czech National Bank Visitor Centre is in many ways equal to foreign implementations. It is a unique exhibition that offers visitors many interactive, illustrative and educational elements, implemented together with the sponsor directly tailored to the topic.

The exposition covers 1200 m² and is divided into several "nests" dedicated to specific topics. The central motif of the exhibition is the bank counter, also known as the "statue of statistics". In a section called "home stash," visitors will try to discover the places where people keep their money at home. In the lab, they will try their hand at telling a fake banknote from a real one, and on a special treadmill they will discover how hard it is to keep inflation at 2%. The whole composition is complemented by high central panels, on the shell of which there are plastic casts with the main slogans of the Czech National Bank, which are Transparency, Expertise and Independence.

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Have you ever tried to influence the speed of the economy by pedalling a treadmill? At the CNB, you can try. Your job is to keep inflation at 2% by pedalling a treadmill. Every hill up means the economy slows down and every hill down means the economy speeds up. In addition, various obstacles fall into the visitor's path during the journey, making it more difficult.

The latest state-of-the-art technology represented by nine transparent OLED displays and great content made it possible to create a unique show for visitors. The content created for this wall of continuous screens was both ambient and interactive. In ambient mode, visitors can watch the flow of data and information in the Czech National Bank, and the attention of each visitor is captured by an effective and entertaining trailer by director Jiří Strach. Interactive content then allows visitors to approach individual semi-transparent displays and initiate interaction between visitor and banker. Each counter is dedicated to a different time period and the banker's styling is adapted to this. The visitor interacts with the banker through questions and answers.

The activities of the Bank Board and its functioning within the CNB are presented to visitors via video mapping. A scene is created in the middle of the space to give visitors the impression that they have just become participants in a meeting of the Bank Board. The scene consists of a symbolically placed round table with seven seats. The overall atmosphere is then enhanced by a video mapping on the table, which depicts the board meeting. The video mapping is designed to give the visitor the feeling that they are looking at the hands of the board members as they flip through folders of papers, take notes and gesture with their hands in conversation. During the meeting, the hands are writing, turning pages, reaching for coffee, etc. During the mapping show, the Board discusses various topics and makes recommendations.
Many other playful elements are placed throughout the exhibit to bring the complex topic of financial literacy to visitors young and old in a playful and fun way.

AHREND was the general contractor of the exhibition. AV MEDIA SYSTEMS, a.s. implemented the complete audiovisual design of the exhibition and, under the guidance of the artistic director Michal Caban, the audiovisual content. The panels were graphically represented by the talented illustrator Barbora Zachovalová.

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