The Bohemian Paradise Biograph underwent reconstruction, which lasted about 16 months. The reconstruction has returned the building to its original 1920s appearance, but inside it brings audiences a unique film experience using modern technology. A Dolby Atmos sound system was installed in the cinema, and the screen was enlarged to the maximum size allowed by the auditorium portal itself. The auditorium is acoustically lined in a completely original way and, in addition to the sound component, there is a separate active LED auditorium lighting on each ceiling panel, which has extra controls for each module.

Biograf Český Ráj - originally the Český Ráj Theatre , was built by a cooperative of war victims in 1922-1923, when it was inaugurated. During the theatre production, biographical screenings were also held here, which eventually prevailed and over time the theatre became a biograph. In the pre-war years and especially in the post-war years, the building underwent several inexpensive modifications and renovations. In 2017, after many years of preparation, a major and complete renovation was undertaken. It was decided to demolish the non-original elements and extensions, and to return the building to its 1923 appearance, all done according to the original photographs of the biograph.

After the overhaul, the cinema has a capacity of 155 seats with Dolby Atmos sound system, Christie Solaria 4K projector, new Harknes Clarus screen and depthQ 3D system. All complete automation of the operation. The lighting of the building is only LED fixtures.

The renovation also created a venue for conferences and lectures. The hall is equipped with a table for the audience in the arm of the seat and 230V sockets under the seats, wi-fi coverage is a matter of course. In the 3 months since its opening, almost 300 performances have been shown, attended by more than 16,000 spectators.

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